To suit Kawasaki:

KX250F 2006-2012
KX450F 2006-2012

Fitted to one side of the forks the launch control adds to the stability of the bike on race starts by lowering the ride height of the front end, locking it into position with the spring loaded launch mechanism.

This allows the bike to sit level when the clutch is dropped and the rear suspension compacts reducing the tendency to rear-up therefore allowing the bike to travel in a straighter line.

The clamp that fits on the fork leg upper has a hinge set up so you do not have to remove the fork leg for fitment.

A stick on drilling template for the fork slider is provided in the packaging.

States MX is a new and innovative brand primarily made up of alloy hard parts anodized in many different colours to add that finishing touch to your dirt bike. States MX boasts a large product range including discs and pads, foot pegs and controls, sprockets, hydration systems, levers, tank caps, wheels, motorcycle workshop tools and much more! Using the latest computer designed and controlled metal cutting equipment, the stringent controls of the R&D Engineers and specialized technicians, States MX ensures high quality production that keeps it at the market forefront.

Listing will be updated extremely soon with more details, fitment data, and info! In the meantime, please message for fitment confirmation.


SKU 70-LMK-407
Brand States MX